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Caney Valley



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Caney Valley’s Academic History

  1. 1991  Regional Champs, State Champions(Danny W., Bobby W., Trish M., Jason H., Shawn H.)  Coach:  Debra Riddle
  2. 1992  Regional and Area Champions (Jason H., Shawn H., Lisa B., Charles R., C.A. G., Jeremy M., Mike H., Heather A.,  Christina B., Kelly G., Justin D., Robert D.)  Coach:  Debra Riddle
  3. 1993  Regional and Area Champions, 3rd at State Tournament (Lisa B., Robert D., C.A. G., Jeremy M., Jeff W., Kelly G., Nick C., Justin D., Aaron M., Shannon W., Shalina B.)  Coach:  Debra Riddle
  4. 1994  Area and State Champions (Justin D., Kelly G., Nick C., Matt C., Tonya T., Jeff W., Shannon W.)  Coach:  Debra Riddle
  5. 1995  Regional Champions, State Runner-Up (Nick C., Justin D., Kelly G., Tonya T., Jeff W., Matt C., Aaron M., Melissa S., Melissa T., Shannon W., Travis C., Kevin C., Shari W.)  Coach:  Debra Riddle
  6. 1996  Regional and Area Champions (Matt C., Aaron M., Melissa S., Melissa T., Shannon W., Bart F., Pat K., Kevin C., Shari W.)  Coach:  Debra Riddle
  7. 1998   Regional and Area Champions, 3rd at State Tournament (Kevin C., Justin B/, Cathy H., Brian S., Kristen W.) Coach:  Debra Keil
  8. 1999  Regional, Area and State Champions (Justin B., Brandy F., Cathy H., Brian S., Matt S., Kristen W.) Coach:  Debra Keil
  9. 2000  Regional, Area Champions, 4th at State Tournament (Wendy D., Jeff H., Heather S., Melissa T., Kristen W., Chris W.)  Coach:  Debra Keil
  10. 2001Regional Runner-Up, Area Runner Up (Misty D., Wendy D., Melissa T., Jeff H., Libbie  H., Preston W., Chris W., David H., Haley C.)  Coach:  Debra Keil
  11. 2002 Regional Champions, 3rd at State (Abraham B., Haley C., Tiffany D., David H., Jeff H., Libbie H., Preston W., Chris W.)  Coach:  Debra Keil
  12. 2003Regional , Area Runner Up, State Champions (Libbie H., David H., Kirk T., Abraham B., Tiffany D., Will W., Cody W., Jayme W.)  Coach: Emily Doeksen
  13. 2004 Area Runner-up (Abraham B., Ashley P., Kirk T., Jayme W., Cody W., William W.)  Coach:  Emily Doeksen
  14. 2005 Area Champions, State Champions (Kirk T., Will W., Jayme W., Cody W.)  Coach:  Terri Prusator
  15. 2009 Regional Champions, Area Runner-Up, 3rd at State Tournament (Kelsey W., Brice F., Cade W., Molly M., Tim H., Jessica V., Kaela C., Caleb K..)  Coach:  Martha Ward
  16. 2010  Area Champions, 4th at State Tournament  (Molly M., Aaron C., Kaela C., Caleb K., Tim H.)  Coach:  Martha Ward
  17. 2011 Regional Champions, Area Champions, State Runners-Up (Timothy H., Aaron C., Kaela C., Emily C.)  Coach:  Martha Ward
  18. 2013 Regional Champions, Area Runners-up, 4th at State Tournament (Brandon M., Jared W., Colton C., Hannah M.) Coach: Martha Ward
  19. 2014 Regional champions, Area Runner-up, State Runner Up (Brandon M., Destyni F., Colton C., Austin K., Jerry K., Adalyn L.) Coach:  Martha Ward

The following students were selected by the Oklahoma Academic Coaches’ Association as Academic Bowl All-State.  The coaches’ association bases their selection on game statistics, appearances at state, and competition honors.

1991€” Danny W.

         Bobby W.

1995 €”Nick C.

1996 €”Matt C.

1998 €”Kevin C.

2000 €”Kristen W.

2001 €”Wendy D.

2002 €”Jeff H.

2003 €”Libbie H.

         David H.

2004 €”Abraham B.

2005 Kirk T.

2008 €”Clifton W.

          Samantha S.

2009 Kelsey W.

2010 €”Molly M.

2011 €”Timothy H.

2012 €”Kaela C.

2013 Jared W.

2014 Brandon M.